Montana AAP: Annual Pediatric Roundup Conference - October 11-13th in HELENA

Healthy Montana Kids (HMK)

HMK is a low-cost, private health insurance plan. The plan provides health insurance to eligible Montana children up to age 19. A child can qualify for HMK based on family size and income. There is no asset test. There is no proof of income required at the time of application. Parents are in charge of the health care their children receive. They are partners with the state and federal governments in providing health insurance for their children. Some parents share in the cost of their children’s health care by paying a small co-payment when care is received. Applications for HMK are available in all Montana communities. Locations include Offices of Public Assistance, county health departments, health care facilities, WIC offices, Head Start facilities, Indian Health Services, and many more community locations. Applications are also available by mail by calling 1-877-KidsNow (1-877-543-7669).