Montana AAP: Annual Pediatric Roundup Conference - October 11-13th in HELENA

We need your help recruiting for the PROS Adolescent Health in Pediatric Practice (AHIPP) study.

Over the past year, the AHIPP team has done great work enrolling new PROS practices across the country. Still, we’ve got a long way to go. We need to recruit 9 practices per month—or a total of 90 practices—to meet our goal by our deadline: October 2013.  That’s a tough job, but a coordinated approach (you and the AHIPP team) can help make it happen.

As PROS leaders, you know that the success of any study depends on recruiting the right practices to participate. Please help us make AHIPP a success with one simple task- Give us some names!

AHIPP is particularly looking for practitioners who are NOT currently involved in PROS. Because of the many excellent studies in the field, there are not enough existing PROS practices from which to recruit!

To aid in the recruitment effort, we are asking that each of you identify the names of your colleagues who fit the AHIPP recruitment criteria:

  • Serve adolescent patients (ages 14+)
  • Work in community-based pediatric practices or clinics
  • Work in areas where tobacco use is a common problem (we can provide state & county-level smoking rates if need be).

Please email these names directly to AHIPP manager, Julie Gorzkowski, at  PROS staff will do the rest of the work!