Montana AAP: Annual Pediatric Roundup Conference - October 11-13th in HELENA

building pediatric capacity to address food insecurity

Beginning in late 2021, Montana AAP (MTAAP), Montana WIC (MT WIC), Yarrow Public Health Consulting (Yarrow), Montana No Kid Hungry (MTNKH) and the Montana Food Bank network (MTFBN) began a joint project in 2021 with the aim of increasing pediatric capacity to address food insecurity in Montana.  Support for this project is provided by National AAP in partnership with No Kid Hungry.

 The goal of the Nutrition Access Project (NAP) is to foster collaboration between pediatricians, state food delivery organizations, and family support partners to improve pediatrician food insecurity screening, referral mechanisms, and resource delivery to families. The collaborative will create and implement a collective impact plan to advance childhood nutrition in Montana. 

Throughout the duration of the project the project teams have met monthly to share project updates, data updates, and related project news. Recent updates include one of the parent partners attending the 2022 White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health and another parent partner was interviewed by Montana WIC about their utilization of the WIC shopper app.


The midway report for all AAP Chapter’s involved in the “Increasing Pediatric Capacity to Address Food Insecurity” program is now available:  SOS AAP Project Impact Report 2023_ChapterWork (1)

resources for pediatricians to address food insecurity

Click image to view the FRAC Toolkit for Pediatricians
Click image to view the FRAC and AAP Pediatrician Findings Survey
Click image to access the WIC guide for healthcare providers
Click image to view all federal nutrition programs

MTAAP Food Insecurity Project Team:

Physician Lead: Shaina Rogers, DO (Missoula)

Billings Pilot: Katie Germany, MD

Bozeman Pilot: Pepper Henyon, MD & Katherine Osterloth, NP

MTAAP Project Staff: Kylee Bodley, MS


Pilot Sites

Billings Clinic – Billings, MT

Bozeman Health – Bozeman, MT

Providence St. Patrick Hospital – Missoula, MT